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QR Code Scanner Apps for Android

Finally, I get around to putting a few words about QR code scanner apps for Android devices into writing. If Android is not your thing, see my previous post on QR code readers for the iPhone and iPad. For Android, things are far worse than for iOS while, at the same time, making a good choice in QR code readers is vastly easier: On the one hand, there are even more apps to scan QR codes than for iOS. And most of them come for free. Or so they claim…


QR Code Scanner Apps for iPhone and iPad

Lately, there seems to be a growing interest for QR code scanner apps on both platforms, iOS and Android. We at QRu have seen an increase in traffic from search engines with search terms hinting in that direction, too. So here we go with a few recommendations for QR code scanners. This post will cover apps for the iPhone and iPad, a later post will tackle QR code reader apps for Android. [UPDATE: the promised post with reviews of QR code scanners for Android is finally here!]