Yesterday, we updated our servers with a couple of new features and enhancements. The most important of these is the new contact page, i.e. what you see after scanning a QRu QR code. It got a complete face lift. Speaking of faces: your contact data page will sport yours! Unless you didn’t add a picture to your contact data set. (Which you always should to stay more memorable! So do add your portrait or avatar right now! UPDATE: so there really is no reason anymore to print your photo on your business card.)

The new contact page not only shows your image but also all the other contact data that you want to spread into the world. And everything is immediately usable: calling, texting emailing, instant messaging, connecting on social networks. So distribute your digital business card with your paper one by adding a nice and small QR code from our service and get contacted. Naturally, we still provide your complete address book entry for easy import into smartphones.

And all the nice animations remain in place, of course.