Using QR codes, lots of information can be transformed into little space. QR codes have already become a huge trend. Wherever you go, nearly everywhere you will see those 2D bar codes: in advertisements on bus stops, carrier bags or to business cards. You name it.

Werbung an der Bushaltestelle

An example: The advertising space on a bus stop. (A QR code which unfortunately directs you to a web site performing poorly on a smartphone… More of that in our next post!)

So, what can you really do with them? Lot’s of things. Most commonly, QR codes contain URLs (web addresses) which can lead you to a simple web page, such as a product information, or to a complex internet service. It is also possible to transform telephone numbers or even entire contact data sets into QR codes. So basically, QR codes provide a means to jump from something printed right into the digital world.

With this ability to jump across media QR codes can save you a lot of typing! A simple scan with your smartphone is all you need in order to access the information. That’s where the ‘QR’ comes from: it’s short for ‘quick response’.

There’s a catch, however: the more information put into a QR code, the bigger it usually gets.

The technology seems to be especially beneficial for business cards. Therefore, QRu has had specialized in transforming comprehensive contact information into QR codes. And this while keeping the QR codes tiny. (You cannot get them any smaller than us, actually.) We make a complete contact data set quickly accessible and simple to maintain. Entirely without typing.

Exchanging contact data has never been easier: the boundary between the analogue and digital world is minimal. Additionally, using our QRu Codes, you are able to convey a lot of more information than would ever fit on your business card. Moreover, we guarantee the smallest QR codes possible, only about 1x1 cm. This leaves you with more space to design an awesome business card while still providing a significant convenience to the recipients of your card. And that’s what QR codes are really for: to make life easier.