Your digital business card. - Your digital business card.

Tiny QR Code — Huge Content

Phone numbers, email addesses, your photo, locations, social networks, instant messaging… With our tiny QR codes you can provide all your contact details! It represents a full digital business card despite being merely about 1cm in size. This size should not be a challenge to place on a paper business card—adding a digital counterpart to it—without ruining the design. Or maybe place it on a key chain to give away? Or ..? Get creative!

A Faithful Companion All Your Life: Your Digital Business Card

Moved? Found a better picture of yourself. New phone number? Wherever life takes you in our modern jungle of workplace, social networks and telco providers, your digital business card goes every mile with you. If some part of your contact data changes, just update your digital business card online. And next time someone retrieves your contact information they automatically get the new up-to-date data. No need to print anything new…

Unbeatable Convenience: Scan, Interact, Import

No-one has to type anything to start networking with you. Not even a single letter! As soon as your new contact scanned your QR code—any QR code scanner will do—she will have all your contact data; ready to use. Then your new contact can either interact directly from here or import your contact information into her smartphones’ address book. No cumbersome typing. And no typos. That’s what we call service.

Push Updates of Your Digital Business Card to Your Customers

Your network wants to stay up-to-date? Good. Then all they need to do is use QRu’s follow feature when importing your digital business card. Whenever you change something you can push updates to all your followers. Whether you changed the company or started a new blog: your network gets actively notified.

Your Picture Says More Than a Thousand Words

A picture induces trust. It helps to bridge the gap between you and your customers-to-be. And it makes you more memorable. While a portrait in your digital business card is no guarantee that they actually do contact you, it definitely makes it more likely. And you wouldn’t want to print a photo of yourself on your paper business card. Right?

Security And Privacy

Keeping your data secure and honoring your privacy are major concerns for us.

We do not hand out your data. After all, we want you and your data to feel well cared for with us. And secure. Therefore, the servers running our service and databases are all located in German data centers. Mia server es tua server. Or so.

We transmit your data only to those requesting your digital business card, e.g. by scanning your QRu code. And of course, only the data you have deemed adequate for that. After all, this is what our service is all about.

To make it even more clear: we do not sell your data. Never. Not to anyone.

We earn our money by making you so happy that you want to become a paying premium customer.