QRu applied: import contact data without typing.

Transfer all your contact details with a tiny QR code!

Boost the effectiveness of your business card.

Use a QR code to transfer your full contact information into the smartphone of a new acquaintance. Our service will deliver all the contact details you want, including your photo, social media profiles and more. Way more than you would ever want printed on your card.

Contact import on all smartphones and tablets. Without typing!

Your new acquaintance, networking partner or prospective customer can import all contact details into all types of smartphones and tablets with no typing involved. Make their lives easier and put them in the mood to get in touch.

A Digital Business Card

  • Include a photo to help people remember you

    Not everyone is good at recalling names. Add a photo to your contact entry to give people a visual clue.
  • Contact details, social media and more

    Today, a set of contact data includes more than only a telephone number and an email address. With QRu you can provide

    Twitter, Facebook, etc. all seamlessly integrated into the recipients' address book.

    No need to clutter up your card.
  • Keep your data current and everyone updated

    With QRu the information from your card never gets old. If you change your data we send the update to all those who scanned your card and subscribed to updates.
  • QRu codes are tiny

    Nobody makes QR codes smaller than us. This gives you

    more freedom designing your business cards, letterheads, flyers, stickers,

    etc. Printed, the QR code can be as small as 1 cm by 1 cm. That's about the size of a finger nail. It even fits on a MOO MiniCard. Easily.

Get started! It’s easy.

  • 1.

    Register and set up your data

    Signing up takes less than a minute with your email address or your Google account.

    You can import your contact data from existing profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Xing or from your Google Mail address book.

  • 2.

    Print the QRu code on your business card

    The QR code we give you is as small as possible. About the size of a fingernail is enough, which makes it much easier to incorporate in a design. Of course, you can also use your QRu code in other print material:

    letterheads, postcards, stickers, flyers, MOO MiniCards etc.

  • 3.

    Track scans of your QR code

    Measure the effectiveness of distributing your card.

    We provide an integration of your business card with Google Analytics:

    you can see scans of your QRu code and deliveries of your contact information just as if they were visits to pages of your website.


Maximum compatibility with iPhone and Android

We optimise the contact data we send out so the recipient can make the most of them: we guarantee that all your contact details are directly usable on the importing device simply by tapping.

Any QR code reader will do

Our QR codes work with any scanner app. We have our opinion, which are the best QR code scanners , but our method works as long as the scanning recipient is online and has a working email client.

No need to install a special app!

Forever Free!

The basic element of QRu will always be free: your contacts into your customers’ address books. Why? Because we want you to love and use QRu passionately. This means your individual QR code will always be valid.

Until the end of the beta test you can use all premium features as soon as we release them. For free, of course. To keep up-to-date on new features follow us on Twitter or read our blog.

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